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With every server you launch with us, you have the choice of two locations: From Strasbourg in France or St. Louis in USA.
But No matter which location you opt for, both data centers are highly-modern and guarantee the best protection of your data through comprehensive security concepts – including early fire detection, 24/7 controls by personnel and cameras, tight access restrictions and much more.


  • It is located in St. Louis, in the center of the USA – with best connectivity for both the East and the West Coast
  • Fastest route is always selected automatically
  • Completely redundant layout: Upon loss of one carrier, the system rapidly switches to another backbone
  • Availability is permanently maintained
  • Space: 14,000 sq ft
  • Capacity: 2MW generator, UPS-protected
  • Cooling: 17x 30 ton CRACs = 510 tons total cooling capacity, redundant cooling loop
  • Audited in accordance to SOC2 (Security Operation Center)
  • Cogent: 6x 10Gbit (+ further 10x 10Gbit available), TeliaSonera: 6x 10Gbit


  • Fully redundant MPLS ring structure with a total capacity of 550 Gbit/s
  • Backbone connects the data center on one path directly with Frankfurt, as well as on another redundant path over Paris and Brussels
  • All data is delivered to the Internet with optimal performance and accessibility
  • 66% less power consumption for the data center infrastructure, when compared to the average data center
  • 25% less overall energy consumption
  • Electrical supply: Transformers, low-voltage mains distribution, UPS components and generators each with n+1 or 2n+1 redundancies
  • Cooling: Well systems, pumps and cooling circuits each with n+1 or 2n+1 redundancies
  • Auditing: Highest attainable rating of five stars in 2013 from Datacenter Star Audit (DCSA), TÜV certified according to ISO 27001
  • Core backbone Frankfurt-Strasbourg: 100 Gbit, Deutsche Telekom: 17x 10Gbit, Level(3): 10x 10Gbit, TeliaSonera: 8x 10Gbit, Cogent: 5x 10Gbit, Telefónica: 3x 10Gbit, DE-CIX: 6 x 10Gbit, ECIX: 6 x 10 Gbit